4. What is its food web? Hooded Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant uses its sweet smell from its nectar to entice and capture insects and other small animals into its trap!

Insects that don’t get caught in the tubes but visit the pitcher plant flowers perform a necessary “symbiotic” service to cross-pollinate flowers. Symbiotic relationships are like best friends helping each other in work they cannot do themselves. Cross-pollination occurs when some of the plant’s pollen get stuck on the insects body, and is transported by that insect to other plants of the same species, thus helping the plant to reproduce, or create baby plants!

Some of the Hooded Pitcher Plants favorite insects  are ants, flies, wasps and bees. So, if you have a wet, nutrient poor area in your yard and want to trap and remove flies, this would be a great plant to have!

Hooded Pitcher Plant Food Web