Scarlet Calamint (Calamintha coccinea)

Educational Story

The very showy Scarlet Calamint, Calamintha coccinea, is a small woody perennial that produces brilliant red, tubular flowers, and is pollinated by, and provides an important food source to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It grows in full sun and very well drained, sandy soils such as sandhill, coastal dunes, and scrub habitats. It is also commonly called Red Basil, and is in the Mint Family (Lamiaceae).  Some other plants in this family include wild rosemary, lupines, and bee balm. A must have for any Florida garden.

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Gardening Facts

Scientific Name: Scarlet calamint
Common Name: Scarlet Calamint, Scarlet Wild Basil, Red Savory, Red Basil
Description of facts and concepts: Member of the mint family, leaves have a spicy scent which tends to keep animals away. Thrives on the coast in dry sands
Seed or division information: Seeds or cuttings, soil must be right; can be hard to grow
Date of flower’s bloom (Month and week): All year
Ecoregion: Dry, sandy soils
Color of Flower: Red/orange
Height: Up to 3 feet
Spread: 2 feet and higher
Family: Lamiaceae (mint)
Soil Type: Base to Acidic Acidic (pH<6.8)
Soil: Dry to Wet  Sandy soils/ Dry
Light: Sun to Shade  Sun, part shade
Zone  8A-9B