Goldenrod (Solidago stricta)

Educational Story

Slender Goldenrod, Solidago stricta, is one of many species of goldenrod that can be found throughout Florida growing in sandy, well-drained soils. Goldenrod species are perennial herbs in the aster family and have small, bright yellow flowers borne on long flower stalks called a panicle.  Slender Goldenrod has small erect leaves that press upward against the them giving the plant a wand-like appearance.  It grows in full sun in mesic flatwoods and other moist, open locations.  Goldenrods in general are important wildflower species for native pollinators, including butterflies, bees and many others. Goldenrod honey can be produced in fall when goldenrod blooms are an important seasonal nectar flow.

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Gardening Facts

Scientific Name: Solidago stricta
Common Name: Slender Goldenrod
Description of facts and concepts: A perennial herbaceous wildflower with that produces panicles of small bright yellow flowers in the fall.
Seed or division information: Propagates from seeds, and can be grown from divided rhizomes.
Date of flower’s bloom (Month and week): Spring, summer, fall
Ecoregion: Dry open woods and pinelands
Color of Flower: Yellow
Height: 3 to 6 feet
Spread: 2 to 4 feet
Family: Asteraceae (aster or daisy)
Soil Type: Base to Acidic Acidic
Soil: Dry to Wet Dry
Light: Sun to Shade Part sun to full sun
Zone 5-9B